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Viking Feast 2019

Saturday, November 2 at 4pm Release your inner Viking at our Vetrn√¶tr or “Winter Nights” celebration! Ancient Vikings celebrated three major annual festivals. “Winter Nights” was the celebration of the coming winter. While it was originally held at the beginning of October, after they co-opted many Christian traditions, it was moved to the beginning of November. […]

Oktoberfest at Olde Magoun’s Saloon 2019

Official Keg Tapping Ceremony September 4 at 5pm We tap a ceremonial keg of Oktoberfest Bier to launch our season-long celebration! It also marks the first day of our special German Inspired Wednesday Menu! Oktoberfest Menu Wednesdays, October 2 -30, 5pm – 11pm KARTOFFELPUFFERPotato Pancakes | Rustic Apple Butter | Scallion Sour Cream BRATZEL & […]

Oktoberfest at Magoun’s 2017

It’s our favorite time of year! Oktoberfest bier, German food and great friends and family to share them with! Check out all the information below for beer promotions, Wednesday menu and special events. Oktoberfest Kickoff Keg Tapping Ceremony Wednesday, September 6 at 5pm Help us kick-off the 9 week Oktoberfest season with the traditional keg […]

Brauhaus Riegele Launch Party

Brauhaus Riegele Launch Party Thursday, July 20 at 6pm Join us on Thursday, July 20 as we welcome Brauhaus Riegele to Massachusetts! Meet David Klass, brewery representative, as we pour three of their beers: Augustus Weizendoppelbock Commerzienrat Privat Helles Speziator Bavarian Imperial Lager The Riegele brewery has been in operation since 1386 in Augsburg, Bavaria. […]

Viking Mid Summer’s Night 2017

Grab your drinking horn and shield and make your way to Somerville for the 2017 Viking Mid Summer’s Night! We have an evening of Nordic beer, food and of course mead in store! Viking outfits are encouraged. Viking Mid Summer’s Night Monday, June 26 2017 at 5pm ALE KLOSTERGARDEN HANDBRYGGERI (Nor) Alstadberger¬†Alderwood- smoked ale: Ancient […]