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Baconpalooza Winter 2016

It’s our favorite time of year: Bacon Time! Let’s get down to business and check out our 2016 Winter edition Menu. Menu Wednesday’s January 6th -27th / 5-11pm Saloon Mussels Slab Bacon/Shallots/lager/Fresh Herbs/Butter Bacon & Liver Potato Puree/Pearl Onions/Marsala Gravy/Crusty Bread Bacon Poutine Waffle Fries/Cheese Curds/Bacon Onion Gravy/ Fried Egg Bacon Fried Chicken & Waffles […]

Baconpalooza VI

We always look forward to the new year which brings us a new Baconpalooza! In our 6th edition, we feature lots of bacon inspired favorite dishes as well as some new ones for you to explore. Our January 2015 Baconpalooza menu is below! Baconpalooza VI Wednesdays January 7-28, 2015 from 5-11pm Biscuits & Gravy bacon […]

Baconpalooza 5, Summer 2014

Bacon is back! Eleven different dishes featuring our favorite salted cured meat! Need we say more? Baconpalooza V Menu Wednesdays July 2-30 2014, 5-11pm Devilish Eggs – 6 pureed shoshito peppers, crumbled bacon dusted with smoked paprika Fig-Alicious – 10 figs wrapped in smoked bacon and stuffed with goat cheese Yummy Guacamole – 8 avocados, […]

Baconpalooza Summer 2013

Oh bacon, how we’ve missed your smoky, salty crispiness. Let us be apart no longer! It’s time for Baconpalooza: Summer Edition! We bring back some of your favorite bacon dishes and created some new ones for you to try! MENU Smoked Bacon Wrapped Shrimp – $10 Grilled jumbo shrimp with smoked tomato and horseradish sauce […]

Bacon Palooza 2013

It’s back! Our most popular Wednesday menu is starting off your new year with salted and cured porky goodness. We have some new dishes as well as some old favorites. Wednesdays in January, 2nd-30th, 5pm-11pm MENU: Lobster Bacon Guacamole – $9 lobster avocado applewood smoked bacon /assorted chips Bacon & Corn Chowder – $9 with […]

The Return of Bacon Palooza!

Bacon Palooza! Every Wednesday in May 2nd-30th, from 5-11pm. SMALL PLATES Yummy Guacamole – $6 avocado applewood smoked bacon crumbled blue cheese  and chips Angry Scotch Eggs – $9 breaded & deep fried boiled egg wrapped in bacon with bacon & roasted jalapeno hollandaise sauce Fig-alicious – $9 Figs wrapped in smoked bacon stuffed with […]

Bacon Palooza!

Wednesdays in December 7th-28th 5pm-11pm Small Plates Fig-alicious – $9 figs wrapped in smoked applewood bacon stuffed goat cheese Angry Shrimp – $9  4 jumbo shrimp wrapped in jalapeno bacon /sweet chili sauce Hog Wild Rangoon – $8.50  black pepper bacon /scallions/ cream cheese /plum sauce Bacon Satay – $9  skewerd bacon slabs / thai […]