Moa Brewing Tap Takeover June 16 2014

When the Moa Brewery was built it was plonked between the vines in the world famous winemaking region of Marlborough, New Zealand, which isn’t surprising considering the founder of Moa, Josh Scott, is a winemaker and according to him, “It takes a lot of beer to make a good wine”. Conveniently, it’s quite a nice place to live and provides the perfect environment for brewing.

Moa Beer itself is brewed using traditional costly, inefficient and labour intensive techniques, with a focus on local ingredients, including internationally renowned New Zealand hops. It is rounded off through the use of winemaking techniques, like barrel ageing and bottle fermentation and conditioning (like they do with Champagne).

We bring you an exciting event focusing on these amazing craft beers from New Zealand. Check out the lineup below!

Moa Brewing Company Tap Takoever

Monday, June 16, 2014

Moa-specialreserveMethode Evolution
A take on the first ever type of Moa Beer made in 2003, the Methode Evolution is an Imperial Pilsner with a Champagne Yeast. Smooth and velvety, the Barry White of Beers. 7.5%

Blanc Evolution
With the pre-dominant use of wheat malt, the Blanc Evolution displays banana and vanilla notes. Crushed coriander added during fermentation gives a mildly spiced finish. 6.2%

This New Zealand Double IPA showcases the NZ Hops used in all Moa Beers. This beer shows tropical passion fruit and grapefruit notes in addition to its strong, malty backbone. 8%

St. Joseph’s Belgian Tripel
An imported Belgian Ale Yeast is used to create the Moa St Josephs Belgian Tripel. Strong caramel and clove complexities mask the higher ABV. 9.5%

Designed to be drunk in the morning or as a mid-afternoon beverage, the Moa Breakfast Beer is a cherry infused wheat beer; fruity on the nose with a very dry finish. 5.5%

Imperial Stout
Aged in Pinot Noir wine barrels for up to a year, roasted coffee and chocolate flavours give way to the rich and fruity tannins of the wine barrels. 10.2%

Bottle Lineup

_MG_4755Moa Apple Cider
Moa Apple Cider is one of the most awarded Ciders in the world. 5.6%

Moa Kiwifruit Cider
Moa Kiwi Fruit Cider is uniquely the only kiwi fruit cider in the US. 5.6%

Moa Five Hop
Aged in oak chardonnay barrels for a year, this ESB displays everything great about the brewing of Moa Beer. Showcasing the tropical NZ Hops and combining beer making with wine making, the oak chardonnay ageing displays hints of vanilla and mellows out the bitterness of the beer. 6.2%