Belgian Month Wednesdays in February 2014

Belgian Beer and Food

Featured in the Month of February 2014

Wednesdays in February at Olde Magoun’s Saloon are all about the Belgians. We started with the idea of a Belgian menu, but you can’t just have Belgian cuisine and not pair it with some of the best Belgian beers in the world. So this month we not only have a Belgian cuisine menu but we also have a Belgian beer menu. Check them out below!

Belgian Beer Menu

Tripel Karmeliet (tripel ale) 8.4% ABV
complex golden/bronze brew fantastic creamy head spicy lemony almost quinine dry

Delirium Nocturnum (strong dark ale) 8.5% ABV
a dark, triple fermented ale, incredibly well balanced, bursting with flavors of raisins, bittersweet chocolate and hops

St. Bernardus Witbier (white ale) 5.5% ABV
hazy yellow color lightly carbonated, the aroma is dominated by herbs and spices with accents of citrus fruits, good hop bitterness and a smooth, quick finish

Pawel Kwak (pale ale) 8% ABV
full-bodied specialty ale amber color slightly sweet, seductive malt character

Caracole Saxo (blonde ale) 8% ABV
complex artisanal Wallonian ale with unusual hoppiness, bitterness touch of spice

Duchesse de Bourgogne (Flemish red) 6% ABV
blend of 8 and 18 month old beers following the careful maturation in oak casks. It’s a sweet fruity ale with a fresh after taste

St. Louis Gueuze (sour lambic) 5% ABV
spontaneously fermented beer, aroma is mild, green apples, sweet oranges, taste is quite lactic sour, tart apples, a touch of raspberry, strawberry, lemon

Timmerman’s Framboise (fruit lambic) 4% ABV
pours a ruby-hazed brown and smells of raspberries


Belgian Cuisine Menu

bacon, leeks, goat cheese flat bread

Escargot En Croute
sauteed snail, herb butter, flaky pastry, potato puree

PEI mussels, garlic shallots, white wine butter, hand-cut fries with aioli

Lapin à la Kriek Braised Rabbit
brussel sprouts, lardons, stoemp, cherry beer sauce

Croquettes Aux Crevettes
shrimp croquettes, petit salad, celeriac remoulade sauce

Trout a la Meunière
sauteed trout, asparagus, baby potatoes, brown butter sauce

Carbonade Flamande
Flemish sweet and sour beef stew with hand-cut fries

Boudin Blanc et Stoemp
veal and pork sausage over mashed carrots, leeks and potatoes