Bavarian Purity Law 500th Anniversary Celebration

Reinheitsgebot 500th Anniversary

Saturday, April 23

reinheitsgebot On April 23, 1516 the law known at Reinheitsgebot or the Bavarian Purity Law was enacted across a unified Bavaria. This law stated that beer could only be brewed with barley, hops and water (yeast was added later when it was discovered). This law is still in place today and makes it one of the first and definitely the longest lasting food regulation in history. It is also one of the primary laws that defines what German beer is today.

As huge fans of German beer, we are honoring this day with a special celebration…and of course German beer and food! So come join us in raising a stein of some of the best German beers we could put together.

Beer List (subject to change based on availability)

  • Rothaus Pils Tannen Zapfle
  • Aecht Schlenkerla Helles Lagerbier
  • Andeschser Vollbier Hell
  • Reissdorf Kolsch
  • Kapuziner Weissbier
  • Monschof Kellerbier
  • Kostritzer Schwarzbier
  • Hofbrau Maibock
  • Weihenstephan 1516

German Menu Served All Day

HOUSE MADE PRETZEL: with mustard & Bavarian cheese spread
HAUS WURST PLATE: knockwurst / bratwurst ale braised sauerkraut warm German potato salad
PAPRIKA SCHNITZEL: pork cutlet cider glazed cabbage warm German potato salad paprika gravy
SCHWEINBRATEN: roast pork spaetzle Brussel sprouts rosemary cider jus