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Oktoberfest Wednesday Menu for October 2012

Oktoberfest Menu Wednesdays (5PM-11PM) Oct.3rd – Oct.31st Bierkase Suppe: $6 Authentic beer & cheese soup served with crusty pretzel Reuben Knockwurst: $10.95 Knockwurst, ale braised sauerkraut, house made Thousand Island dressing with bacon Paprikaschnitzel: $14.95 Pork cutlets with paprika gravy, Spaetzle and cider glazed cabbage Haus Wurst Plate: $14.95 Bratwurst, Knockwurst and Weisswurst served with […]

Oktoberfest Wednesday Menu 2012

WEDNESDAYS (5PM-11PM) Sept.5th – Oct.31st OBATZDA: $6 Homemade Bavarian cheese spread served with crusty bread REUBEN KNOCKWURST: $10.95 Knockwurst, Ale braised sauerkraut, house made Thousand Island dressing with bacon fat JAGERSCHNITZEL: $14.95 Pork cutlets, mushroom gravy, Spatzle, cider glazed cabbage HAUS WURST PLATE: $14.95 Bratwurst, Knockwurs, Weisswurst, Sauerkraut & Warm German Potato Salad SAUERBRATEN: $14.95 […]

Oktoberfest Wednesday Menu

September 7th – October 26th, 5-11pm JAGERSCHNITZEL – 13.95 Pork cutlet mushroom gravy spatzle cider glazed cabbage HOUSE SAUSAGE PLATE – 13.95 Bratwurst Knockwurst Weisswurst sauerkraut warm German potato salad SAUERBRATEN – 13.95 Sweet & sour marinated pot roast cider glazed cabbage potato dumpling BAVARIAN STEW – 10.95 House made sausage potato seasonal root vegetables […]