Meatball Mania Wednesday Menu!

Wednesday’s, July 4th – 25th 5-11pm

$8 plates (4 meatballs per plate)

Meatball Manian Wednesday Menu

Turkish Delight
Ground lamb with sweet & sour cherry sauce and grilled pita

The Bomb
Ground steak stuffed with peppers & onions, cheese sauce and potato rolls

Miss Saigon
Ground pork & shrimp with sriracha sauce, Asian slaw and wonton chips

Jamaican Me Crazy
Ground turkey with jerk seasonings, mango habenero sauce and fried plantains

Bourbon Street
Ground pork & rice with Cajun spice, bourbon remoulade sauce and crusty bread

Tandoori Nights
House made vegan with tikki masala sauce served with cilantro raita sauce and grilled naan bread

Dead Texan
Bacon & beef with charred jalapenos, mango honey mustard sauce and corn chips