Indian Fusion Wednesdays in July

Join us every Wednesday in July for a special Indian Fusion menu. We pair traditional Indian ingredients with Mexican cooking styles to create a unique menu of interesting appetizers and main courses.

Indian Fusion MenuIndian Fusion

Wednesdays July 3rd-31st

Vegetable Momos – $9
curried vegetable filled in dumplings and pan fried

Chorizo Samosa – $9
chorizo, Oaxaca cheese, scallion inside a turnover and grilled, served with tomato chutney

Shrimp Taco with Phaal Curry – $10
spicy curried shrimp, Punjab cabbage, pico de gallo served with raita sauce

Tiki Masala Enchilada – $10
braised chicken, cilantro rice stuffed into a tortilla baked with jack cheese and drizzled with creamy spicy tomato sauce

Tandori Chicken Quesadilla – $10
glazed with sweet chili, grilled naan bread, jack cheese, pickled vegetables served with mango chutney and spiced yogurt

Lamb Kebab Fajitas – $12
pepper, onion, paneer cheese, tomato mint salsa, cucumber yogurt served with roti

Pork Carnitas Dosa – $12
crispy braised pork, basmati rice, curried vegetables, exotic spices served with black bean and rice pancakes