Dawg Gone Dogs 2016

Dawg Gone Dogs 2016

Wednesdays in June, 1-29, 2016 from 5pm-11pm

The weather is warming up so that must mean it’s hot dog season! Each Wednesday in June we are featuring 9 different takes on the classic hot dog.

Battered fried hot dog on a stick/Honey mustard sauce/Hand cut fries

Hot Dog Sliders
America cheese/Grilled potato roll/Fried egg/Hand cut fries

Junkyard Dog
Fried Hot dog/Pulled pork/Coleslaw/crispy onions/Pepper vinegar sauce /Fried pickles

Bacon wrapped hot dog /Melted Oaxaca cheese/Poblano /Guacamole/Crema/Diced tomatoes/ Nacho chips

Grunge Dog
Polish dog /Cream cheese /Grilled onions / Corn chips

Hot Dog Skillet
Sliced Pearl hotdog/Molasses pork & beans/slab bacon/Tater tots

Pickled Jalapeños/chopped onions/Nacho cheese/Habanero chili sauce /Mustard slaw/LTO/tater tots

German Shepherd
Bratwurst /Ale braised sauerkraut /Melted Swiss cheese/Pretzel roll/German potato salad

Chili Cheese Dog
Wicked good chili/Queso sauce/Scallion’s/Tater tot’s/Chipotle mayo