Baconpalooza 5, Summer 2014

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Bacon is back! Eleven different dishes featuring our favorite salted cured meat! Need we say more?

Baconpalooza V Menu

Wednesdays July 2–30 2014, 5–11pm

Bacon & BeerDevilish Eggs — 6
pureed shoshito peppers, crumbled bacon dusted with smoked paprika

Fig-Alicious — 10
figs wrapped in smoked bacon and stuffed with goat cheese

Yummy Guacamole — 8
avocados, smoked applewood bacon, crumbled blue cheese, assorted chips

Bacon Poutine — 10
waffle fries, cheese curds, bacon gravy topped with a soft fried egg

Lobster Bacon Scallion Pancakes — 12
black pepper bacon, sweet lobster, ginger plum sauce

Chicharrones — 10
crispy slab bacon drizzled with chimichurri sauce

Twice Baked Bacon Potato — 8
with chive sour cream

Bacon Bahn Mi — 12
lacquered pork belly, crunchy asian slaw, cilantro mayo on baguette

Bacon & Shrimp Pad Thai — 14
traditional preparation with added jalapeño bacon and shrimp

Bacon Bomb Mac & Cheese — 16
jalapeño bacon, slab bacon, chicharrones, smoked bacon and pancetta

Bread Pudding — 7
served warm with maple bacon, salted caramel and bourbon ice cream

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